Honda Accord has been manufactured by the Japanese automaker with features that delivers prestige and satisfaction to customers. Its design style has seen excellent reviews from experts in the industry because of the conducive space it provides for every passenger and wide doors for easier access into the car. The 7th generation will begin our review because it is one of the most popular range of the car available on sale as Nigerian used models; while the 10th generation will wrap up the review as the most recent design of the popular Honda Accord series.

The reviews of the interior and exterior designs will be done separately to show how the innovative body style welcomes customers into the comfort of its sophisticated cabin. The powerhouse for the 7th to 9th generation is mostly a 4-cylinder or a more powerful but optional V6 engine, but the 10th generation replaced the V6 engine with a 4-cylinder VTEC 2.0-litre turbo engine. The assurance of quality from the manufacturer has been tested and trusted to deliver great overall driving experience with advanced car entertainment and safety features.



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The interior layout of the Honda Accord measures 105.6 cubic feet shared by the dashboard, front row and back row seats which will be talked about clearly in this review. The dashboard always gets the attention of any passenger in the Honda Accord with its standard 7 inches display with touchscreen and soft-touch controls. More interior features include button ignition, climate control, and its 4-speaker infotainment system with USB port and Bluetooth. There is enough forward visibility and wide range rear visibility with the mirrors; the display screen also supports a camera view for reversing since the baseline of the rear window is quite high, and other driving assist features like emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and warning for forward collision.


The front row has the driver and front passenger seats which has enough legroom and a high roofline for space above the head; the upholstery can be adequately adjusted for preferred driving positions from sitting low, higher, closer, or upright. The rear row seat is a bench upholstery design that takes 3 adults conductively and the space there allows them more legroom than headroom since taller passengers may reach the roofline when they sit upright.




The sedan body style of this family car has been made with different creative concepts by Honda over decades, with the 10th and most recent generation introducing a fastback profile for customers to consider its taste in the heat of a rising demand for crossovers. The design features noticed from outside Honda Accord includes 17-inch rims, stylish chrome front grille, power side mirrors and door handles painted with the colour of the body, rear view camera and LED headlights, running lights and taillights. The door sills threshold is wide and slightly raised, and the doors have a wide distance to open when passengers need to get inside the car; it is a keyless entry technology for recent models.


Customers can have this car in Lunar Silver, Crystal Black Pearl, Blue sky metallic, White Orchid Pearl, Modern Steel Metallic and San Marino Red, Tiger Eye Pearl, and a few more colours since the manufacturer includes some with different generations. The 5 trims of the Honda Accord includes Accord LX, Accord Sports, Accord EX, Accord EX-L and Accord Touring; this prestigious sedan car will fit into the urban lifestyle while helping you save money, and the highest trim which is Accord Touring comes complete with every feature including 19-inch rims. has a variety of Honda Accord cars in the car listing section where you can buy the best models; check it out to see which one fits your budget.

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