2 elderly people die after alighting from commercial vehicle in Rivers

A very disturbing incident recently happened at the Refinery Junction in Eleme, Rivers State, where 2 elderly people reportedly slumped and died after alighting from a commercial vehicle last Wednesday on the 6th of January 2021.


The son later came with people to take away the corpse of his father that died after alighting from a commercial vehicle

From what we learnt, one of the victims was a woman presumably in her 60s, strangely dropped dead at the Refinery Junction after disembarking from a motorcycle. The second deceased was a 70-year-old man who also slumped and died in a strange circumstance after alighting from a commercial vehicle.

The corpse of the elderly man was later taken off the street after they were able to contact his son, who later arrived at the scene with other people to help him clear his father’s body. According to the man’s son, his father was at a bank in Eleme to withdraw money before he lost his life. Unfortunately, no relative of the deceased woman has been contacted as her corpse was still lying cold on the street several hours after she collapsed and died in a mysterious way.


The body of the woman that died mysteriously after disembarking from the bike was lying on the road for several hours

Meanwhile, in a twist of event, an Enugu clergyman recently survived the deadly crash, where he decided to share his testimony by posing beside the damaged vehicle. Check below for the video clip on biggest car accident escapes in recent times.


ESCAPED DEATH – TOP worst accidents people have walked away from (real lucky people)

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